Benedictine monks have as part of their rule that all things should be done in moderation.  It’s certainly a wise rule to live by, even in the world of diabetes.
Less than seven (greater than low) is a project that aims to give insight and discussion to living life dependent on subcutaneous insulin delivery.  The title is a reference to the lab value of hemoglobin A1c.  The general consensus is that it should be under 7.0 to prevent long-term complications of diabetes.  With enough insulin, this is very easy to obtain.  The difficult part is that too much insulin causes hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar.  It is this balance of blood sugar that defines the life of an insulin-dependent diabetic.

imageJoin myself (a 32-year-old diabetic of 30 years) and my wife, Linda (a registered dietitian), as we share our tips, experience, and life lessons we’ve encountered while battling diabetes.  Let’s help each other be less than seven, greater than low!


Derek Foreman