School of Diabetes

Let Derek help you find that unfair advantage that will take your diabetes management to the next level, while at the same time, helping kids with Type I.


Coaching Packages:

(10% of all gross profits support diabetes camps for kids)

  • Single Session ($50 for 1/2 hr; $95 for 1 hr):  30 minute or 1 hour meeting or phone call to address specific topic(s).  Contact Derek for multiple-session discounted rates.


  • Email Package ($150):  2 week coach-directed email correspondence that focuses on mindset and motivation for success.


  • Interactive Package ($375):  5 week combination of the single session and the email package.  Follows Derek’s original method titled The Human Pancreas.


  • Long-Term Packages ($200/month):  3 or 6 month customized programs that include all of the above along with additional accountability from Derek.


  • Custom Packages:  Not liking what you see above.  Let’s create a custom coaching package that suits your needs. 

*Coaching programs are currently only available in the US.  International support coming late 2016.


Let’s find out if we’ll make a good team.  Fill out the form below to set up a complimentary consult call with Derek.


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