Finding your “Why”


I often speak of having “reasons”, a “why”, a “greater good” that’s bigger than ourselves.  I truly believe that this framework constitutes a pillar of success in life, and therefore, in diabetes management.  The following is an excerpt from an earlier post, where I describe the foundation of my “why”, and how it provides clear … Read moreFinding your “Why”

Tips for Battling the Diabetes Blues

It’s basically impossible to live your entire life without at least once feeling down in the dumps about diabetes. Check out the video below where I describe 2 tips that may help you persevere through such feelings.  Let me know what get you through in the comments below. Thanks!…..and let’s be less than 7, greater … Read moreTips for Battling the Diabetes Blues

Simple System for Beating Diabetes Burnout

“Aaahhhhhhrrrrrrrrrrruuuuummmmmmfffflippinnnnn’fuzzysasquatch!” This is is an actual quote from me from 3 days ago when my meter read 259 mg/dL.  I was having a great day up to that point, diabetically speaking.  I went for an amazing jog that morning.  My carb-counting was worthy of a prestigious mathematician award.  I was following my diet with the … Read moreSimple System for Beating Diabetes Burnout