Tips for Battling the Diabetes Blues

It’s basically impossible to live your entire life without at least once feeling down in the dumps about diabetes. Check out the video below where I describe 2 tips that may help you persevere through such feelings.  Let me know what get you through in the comments below. Thanks!…..and let’s be less than 7, greater … Read moreTips for Battling the Diabetes Blues

Patron Saints of Diabetes

“Say a prayer for Johnny.  He’s come down with a virus.” “I’ll be praying that everything works out for you and your family.” “Pray that we have the wisdom to make the right decision.” It’s certainly becoming less and less common.  But for those of us over the age of 30, these were very familiar … Read morePatron Saints of Diabetes

The Cure for Diabetes

“Do you think they’ll ever find a cure for diabetes?” cure noun : something (such as a drug or medical treatment) that stops a disease and makes someone healthy again : something that ends a problem or improves a bad situation : the act of making someone healthy again after an illness verb : to … Read moreThe Cure for Diabetes