Hypoglycemia Treatment: how to avoid the blood-sugar-roller-coaster


I love roller-coasters.  Since childhood, I’ve always enjoyed the thrill of holding on for dear life while being thrust in 37 different directions racing on a track high above the ground.  What I don’t like are blood-sugar-roller-coasters.  Those days when the sugar and the insulin can’t seem to balance….and it feels like someone spiked your … Read moreHypoglycemia Treatment: how to avoid the blood-sugar-roller-coaster

Easily Digestible Facts About Gastroparesis

Gastroparesis is essentially the result of nerve damage in the gastro-intestinal tract. As the name implies, it is paresis, or partial paralysis of the intestines. Consequently, digestion takes much longer and is much more difficult than normal. Gastroparesis is generally the result of many years of poor blood sugar control. It is not a particularly … Read moreEasily Digestible Facts About Gastroparesis