Finding your “Why”


I often speak of having “reasons”, a “why”, a “greater good” that’s bigger than ourselves.  I truly believe that this framework constitutes a pillar of success in life, and therefore, in diabetes management.  The following is an excerpt from an earlier post, where I describe the foundation of my “why”, and how it provides clear … Read moreFinding your “Why”

The Cure for Diabetes

“Do you think they’ll ever find a cure for diabetes?” cure noun : something (such as a drug or medical treatment) that stops a disease and makes someone healthy again : something that ends a problem or improves a bad situation : the act of making someone healthy again after an illness verb : to … Read moreThe Cure for Diabetes

Medtronic & Dexcom Release Mobile CGM Technology

It’s a simple concept, but it could save lives.  Continuous glucose monitor (CGM) users now have the ability to view their data on their iPhones and other iOS devices.  Not only that, the devices can be programmed to share this data with loved ones.  When blood sugars get outside of the target range, alarm text … Read moreMedtronic & Dexcom Release Mobile CGM Technology